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TRUST: The Signals We Send

February 26, 2019

What characterizes a cohesive team? I ask groups all over the nation. Collectively, they agree TRUST is extremely important. Yet, because of widespread hidden agendas and extensive political maneuvering in an ever-changing global economy, most people do not intrinsically trust themselves, their co-workers, or the organization they work for. According to the 2016 Edleman Trust […]


I vividly remember when my Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer 18 years ago. He was given a few short months to live.I was crushed. He was only 62-years old and had worked his whole life to retire. He would never enjoy retirement.  My boys were little. Their “Pap,” was their hero; in fact, he […]


When my kids were little and not listening to me I would shout, “Get the wax out of your ears and LISTEN!” (They heard this a lot, unfortunately.) Every year, about 12 million Americans head to their doctors with something known as “excessive cerumen.” That’s a really gross-sounding way to say they’ve got some serious […]