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When the U.S. shut down its economy in March 2020, shuttering businesses and telling all nonessential workers to stay at home in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, I was working as an independent trainer, coach, and consultant. Suddenly, my business came to a screeching halt and I had no income. Two weeks turned into two months, then more. Disappointment spiraled into discouragement, dejection, despair, and ultimately demoralization.

To help make ends meet, I signed up to help make widgets at my husband's employer. As I drove the 25 minutes to the factory every day, tears dimmed the sparkle in my hazel eyes.  All I could see was my career’s demise. It was demeaning. 

Upon arrival, I'd hide my discouragement behind a smile and put on gratitude. It was a dismal time for many people. I could make a difference by helping to support the industry during wartime, like Rosie the Riveter.

One day, out of the blue while I was entertaining myself by turning obscure cables into flowers, I received a call from one of my government clients. He wanted to connect me with a large government contractor who was vying for his business. By introducing me to Management Concepts, he opened the door for me to become an instructor in their Leadership and Management Domain. 

I had no idea when I auditioned for the role of instructor where it would really lead. During the past four years, I've become astute at training, coaching and consulting virtually. Having presented over 30 different leadership courses, I've gained knowledge, expanded my wheelhouse, and impacted thousands of lives globally. I could have never imagined that I'd reach people in West Africa, Germany, Belgium, or Antarctica. 

Not only did Management Concepts tap into my talent to speak, teach, and connect, but they also recognized my smart and savvy approach to creating content, and have contracted me to write and redesign curriculum. 

The icing on the cake is that my husband's employer, Phoenix Contact, has also contracted with me to develop their leaders. 

Things can suddenly change for better or worse. Diamonds are formed in the dark, and flowers grow from obscurity. Beauty often rises from the ashes of despair and defeat. Stay positive and do the next thing in front of you with a grateful heart.