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Get the Wax Out of Your Ears & LISTEN

Get the Wax Out of Your Ears & LISTEN

When my kids were little and not listening to me I would shout, “Get the wax out of your ears and LISTEN!” (They heard this a lot, unfortunately.) Every year, about 12 million Americans head to their doctors with something known as “excessive cerumen.” That's a really...

The High Cost of Workplace Drama

The High Cost of Workplace Drama

Unresolved workplace drama could be costing your organization millions of dollars. What Does it Cost? According to Gallup research, negative behavior costs the U.S. economy more than $350 billion dollars annually in lost productivity.  Yes, you read that correctly....

A Dinner for Kids with Cancer

A Dinner for Kids with Cancer

Can you imagine hearing that your child was diagnosed with brain cancer? It is devastating in every possible way. Lancaster County Field of Hope is a non-profit organization that helps families offset the financial burden of long-term care or unexpected medical...

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