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Should You Say YES to an Invitation?

Should You Say YES to an Invitation?

Many significant things in life begin with an invitation. When a cute guy invited me on a date to Hershey Park, the sweetest place on earth, I said YES. Our love story began. Five years later that guy invited me to marry him and I said YES. We’ve spent thirty-three...

Happiness is Doing More of What You Love

Happiness is Doing More of What You Love

What if I gave you permission to be happy at work?   What impact do you think it would have on workplace productivity if you knew what motivated you and your team?   Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their competitors by 147% in earnings per share,...

Kids Can Be Entrepreneurs Too

Kids Can Be Entrepreneurs Too

I attended a networking event in Howard County, MD, where I met Terri, the Director of Membership with the Howard County Chamber of Commerce. I shared about what I do and, through our conversation, we both knew that we had just made more than a business acquaintance...

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